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I have starter this blog so that all those of us who are fed up with Dollar Tree and the crap that they put us through can have a place to vent freely and without any regrets. This will be a blog for all to vent. I want to hear what you guys have to say, especially people that work at DT currently.Your gripes about pay, hours, benefits, sph, payroll, packout etc....
I also want to use this blog to get an idea as to what people at DT are getting paid across the US, so as you post please tell us what you get paid.
Thank you all and happy venting!!!!
7/4/2010 I found this funny being 4th of July and all

What does this say about quality checks the company cant even figure out how many stars the US flag is supposed to have. This is a whole new level of stupid Dollar Tree needs a new CEO and a whole revamp of their business model.
PS I saw a post on here that mentioned a union. I personally think that it is a great idea, a little bargaining power could only help the workers get a fair deal. Union Dollar Tree workers today then Walmart and keep folding retail employees in and all of a sudden we have union shops that I would definitely support fair wages better conditions another idea that could make working retail in America better. There are other retail companies that use unions and those unions should expand and fold in DT workers then we'll see how DT likes abusing their employees.
First I want to apologize to some of you because your comments did not appear when you wrote them. Blogger decided to implement an automatic spam filter (I cannot turn it off and I hate it so Blogger please get rid of it or give me an option to turn it off) and some of the longer comments were flagged as such. They have been posted so your voice did not get lost. Please continue to post, your comments will make it just give it some time (they might show up right away if they get through the filter).

I also want to thank you all for your participation. Your voices, your stories are being heard by the thousands. We are the number one link when you type in "Dollar Tree sucks" on Google and Yahoo. I love the name dropping, it will forever immortalize the ones that are incompetent, the slave drivers and overall idiotic employees who run and work for this blood sucking leech of a company. Thank you!

I would love to spread our voice some more so if you could throw this website up on your Facebook, tell your friends, your coworkers anyone who wants to be heard and hear what we have to say.

Thank you again

PS: Another website that can further help our cause, write a review, check out the salary info etc etc

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